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My Notes On Asana 6 

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I love to move with my breath, and just follow it wherever it takes me. If you know me, you know how ‘in control’ i love to be. But Yoga has taught me the secret of letting go, slowly, patiently, of the idea that there is something to control in life, or even, the idea that life CAN be controlled. Because you can’t. I can’t. We can’t. The only thing that we can try and keep ‘under control’ is our mind. Dwelling in the stillness and silence that is the origin and base of it all is, for me, the best way I have found to feel calm and in peace in the middle of any situation. This I have experienced, so I know it to be true for myself. I would like to help people understand that if there was a way to help me find stillness, there is a way for everyone too. ••• Breath is Life. Just Breathe. ••• 

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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