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My Notes On Asana 7

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After so many years practising Yoga asana it is amazing to look back and see how my practice has evolved and change. Sometimes I feel a bit strange as I came in contact with asana quite late, after much more time stuck in books, philosophy, meditation and mostly Kundalini yoga kriyas… Only recently have I really understood the purpose of our physical bodies in yoga. To be able to let go of the mind to be in the body has been a huge change in my life. The body can become so hypnotic. When I am concentrating on my breath, the movement of my limbs, the pounding of my heart, the blood rushing through my body, and the energy flowing, I have absolutely no time of thinking what I’m going to have for lunch… Asana has helped me to dive deeper into my meditation practice. Now I sit longer time, but also it has become quality time. Every moment counts… And even in a mini sequence like this one, sometimes my body trembles, and so does my mind, but I find the stillness in my mind, and the body follows… 

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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