Nataraj Express

Journey to the Self


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⛅️ Sometimes the only way out is through the darkness.
⛅️ Sometimes there are fake shining lights that attract you like they do to insects…
⛅️ Those shining lights are the illusions and desires we attach too. ⛅️ We sometimes forget to act consciously each and every second (that is why it’s a lifetime practice) and we fly straight to the light that burns us…
⛅️ Sometimes it is best to retire into the darkness, wrap ourSelves in the shadows of the unknown with faith and hope that somehow you know the only way through is through…
⛅️ And that patience pays off with those first rays of sun that shine between the branches of your own created forrest.
⛅️ In that moment you know it was worth passing through the darkness to feel that bit of sunlight on your eyelids.
☀ You know that without the darkness there would be no light. ☀️ Emptiness is not empty, it is full of possibilities. ☀️ 

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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