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My Notes On Asana 8

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🌸Sometimes my body takes me to places I almost never visit. 

🌸It knows better than ‘me’ where energy is meant to flow. 

🌸I always encourage my students to move inside their own bodies to the rhythm of their breath. 

🌸Of course it is important also to respect the bases and roots from which all Yoga traditions stem, but I am a follower of Krishnamacharya’s opinion that yoga might and will look different in each person. 

🌸Like all life choices, there is a practice suitable for you. 

🌸Maybe the first step is to listen to your own body, even while attending a yoga class. 

🌸If it needs to move a certain way, or rest in a certain position, at least in my classes, please feel free to listen… 

🌸Eternally thankful for our body intelligence.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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