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Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where anger, rage, regret, sadness, darkness, takes over. It might be produced by an emotional or physical trigger, and sometimes, even when the situation is over, the dark feeling lingers around. Just as if you wake up from a nightmare but you still feel the fear or pain you were feeling while asleep. • When I do find myself in these situations I imagine myself like a dragon spitting fire, super enraged and hungry, haha, and that image just instantly reminds me to breathe. Breathe air, not fire. Transmute fire into air. Calm down. • Sometimes it works, sometimes I flow with my dragon archetype and just burn things down. Later, I deal with the consequences of course, and that’s how I learn… ••• The thing is, practice is the only secret. The more I practice, the faster I catch myself, and the less things I burn. • Just breathe. •••

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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