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Journey to the Self


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If I died right now, my life would have been worth living with all its ups and all its downs. You see, I used to be terrified of Death. My own death, but especially the death of people close to me. But now, I’m not afraid anymore. I understand that without Death, life wouldn’t exist. I understand that darkness is more necesary than light sometimes, because only Emptiness can contain Something, Everything. I’ve decided that I am done. I am done fighting to change things, done trying to do or be something for me or for anyone. Done. I am just going to flow and see where every moment takes me. Death is only another fancy word for change. Really, it doesn’t exist. Change is the only thing that I can trust forever. I guess this is what they mean when they say Surrender? I don’t even need tags or words anymore. Just being is enough now.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

Who Am I?

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