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Journey to the Self


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••• Photo by Hinton Faram •••

How could I explain that lately I’ve been feeling so many emotions, but at the same time I feel I cannot feel enough? • I can’t identify with them, and I fear I lose part of my…self? • These thoughts have been haunting me, because once again, I am trying to grasp with my mind something that is out of its reach. • Also, I’ve been practicing for many months, maybe years now, I don’t know, how to detach myself from anything that is not permanent. So I’ve been observing… and falling into my own patterns again and again. But this time I was observing. • What they say is true, it’s all about learning at your own pace, your own process must unfold. It might take a day, years, lives… Now I get it. • I will just keep observing and learning and maybe one day, I won’t need to fall again to know. 

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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