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My Notes On Asana 9

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When I move and breathe in my mat during my practice, I let my breath guide every single movement. After many years I discovered that forcing the body without minding the breath, doesn’t really serve any purpose at all. For what? To be able to do a posture? But letting the breath be our guide teaches many lessons. It teaches that the body is capable of so much more when we let it speak its own language, when we let it open the spaces that need to be available, and close those that aren’t needed. It teaches us that no matter how hard a posture is, the breath is like water, fluid but steady, and can conquer and destroy the greatest obstacles in its path. Yoga has taught me so much during my life, but the greatest lesson for me is to let things flow at their own rhythm. In my physical practice, and in my life, forcing situations to be what they aren’t ready to be has always ended in some kind of injury; but letting things be as they are, each and every moment be itself, each inhalation and each exhalation become life and death of each breath, has opened up the doors to a freedom that cannot be described, only felt.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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