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Acceptance and Patience

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◾Continuing with my theme for April: Patience/Acceptance◾ 

When we meditate, we are used to observing our thoughts. How they appear and disappear, leaving some space between them that takes us to the depth and infinity of understanding. This past week, as I wasn’t being so strict with my practice, I decided to play a game with myself and observe my emotions and feelings also, this time in everyday life. I realised that some emotions are like thoughts, if you observe them they eventually pass. Other emotions are rooted so deeply within ourselves that we think they are the core of our beings… But emotions, and feelings, and thoughts… and beliefs, all are just visitors. They aren’t who we are; their mission is to show us the way to this truth by pointing out what we are not…. The only thing needed is patience, acceptance and a very strong will power and capacity to observe without acting. Still an every moment practice, until the end, but the more I do restrain myself from reacting, the more I lose the feeling of reacting in the first place… Accepting that my life is shifting, that my beliefs are changing, that we can never be who we are as a fixed point in time, we are always in movement, in change, being change. The true essence of existence. 

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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