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​More than ever I trust that life is a constant flux, always and forever in motion. Death is just another word for change. We cannot know death to be true until experienced. The body dies, but life is eternal. We cannot stop life, we cannot therefore stop death. But we can be aware of living, aware of changing, aware of this fact. And to be aware, only that simple thing, is all I ever want. To always be aware.

As long as there is something to cure, there will be an illness. As long as there is something to look for, the search will never end. What if what I truly already know, is already all to be known? Then, what else can there be? I can’t stop pondering the question of my purpose, of purpose itself…. Maybe not-knowing is actual Wisdom. Just living in the void. The darkness I face when I arrive at the distinct moment of realisation that maybe, there is nothing left to search for… For now, what I feel is panic when faced with this… Breathing through each moment as a gift in time and space for me to be aware. Only that for now, to be aware…

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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