Nataraj Express

Journey to the Self

This emptiness

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This emptiness fills me.
The longing for meaning,
for something timeless,
for truth,
for the eternal embrace of
freedom from fear,
longing for the source of everything
fuels my existence.
If the search ends
what is left?




Not my identity.
Not me.


Only emptiness.



The path to peace isn’t really in the longing, in the search, in the looking outward for anything. I am aware of this. I know. The path to peace is letting go of the things that obscure our vision from seeing clearly that peace is already here, was always here, within us. There is Nothing to search for, only if like me, the essence of that Emptiness you always find by looking outwards fuels your passion and existence in this life.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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