Nataraj Express

Journey to the Self

Breath, what else?

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Sometimes, in my life, I am in this clear space where I catch myself instantly spiraling down the negative self-talk path.
But these times I talk about are different than those others when I let myself go without knowing;  when I let the pain eat me alive. When I let my suffering weigh me down as if it was the only thing important in this existence. Me? As if anything really mattered.
During these few times of encountering my thoughts and feelings with a spacious mind I can observe everything; my physical sensations and how my stomach hurts, I feel my heart beating faster, I feel a bit of anger mixed with so much sadness, but I also feel my breath… oh what would I be if I couldn’t observe my breath.
This anchor that has left me steady in the greatest storms, sometimes, when I let it guide me.
Other times I ignore it, I ignore my body, I block away the awareness, and I just spiral down into self destruction.
But these days, oh these amazing days when I see it coming, I am just so grateful for my practice.
Breath is all I need, I don’t know why I keep looking for more.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

Yoga Teacher~Dive Master~Art Historian

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