Nataraj Express

Journey to the Self


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Goodbye again Madrid.


New endings, and new beginnings. Another turn around the spiral.


I feel I have seen the patterns of my life unfold before me since the solstice. I cannot unsee what I now see. Who I am. I am.


The sky, stars, my emotions, the earth and the blood in my veins flowing in an endless river of experience.


It is truly time to trust myself and life.


With my family by my side, and also behind me. All my ancestors, my past, all teachings and lessons letting me know I will be able to take one breath at a time if I only stay here and now in this journey of becoming.


I will never know the ‘why’ of everything. But for now all I need is to feel, to love, to live, and be open to what I do know, that I am grateful for it all.


Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

Who Am I?

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