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Wanting to feel understood, validated, heard… without wanting to be seen.These contradictions that make up most of life. My life at least!
I wonder what happened to that person I once was that wasn’t afraid or shy of anything? All that extroverted action has made the pendulum swing extremely to the other side for the past months… Maybe years if I am honest. The more “out in the world” I have been for these past 7 years, the inner and inner I have journeyed. And now… I am too comfortable in the dark. In endings.
The fires of the past are turning to ashes. I know you feel it too. Soon things will be shaken, and rebirth of a new something will rise. I am too comfortable in this darkness, in this silence, in this void. But this time I am prepared for change, because I have truly integrated into my being that this is all there is.
When I am too comfortable in the still ocean of potentiality, I don’t allow action to unfold and materialise. We need it all, the raw potential of being, and the journey into becoming.

Author: Danah Blanco (Nataraj Express)

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