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Meditation for Sleep

For a lot of us it is hard to let go of mental, emotional and physical tension and stress at nights before bed. We are stuck to information outlets 24/7 and even before bed we are reading or scrolling through internet, reading books, watching something, etc. External information is good if balanced with an inner connection and deep relaxation of body and mind.

There are tools that can help us reach this deep state and be able to let go and fall into the dream world if this is difficult for you.


I have recorded a guided meditation for sleep (20 minutes) to help you release tension and relax body and mind in preparation for deep, restful, sleep.


I guide you through the stages of preparation, relaxation, resolve, rotation of consciousness and visualization, using elements from a formal guided Yoga Nidra practice and from my own makings of intuitive experience.


I hope you enjoy it!
If you would like it it’s 5 Euros (through this PayPal link or contact me) and I will send you the recording by email. Thank you very much for your support so I can continue doing and sharing what I love.